Semalt Presents Top 10 Tools For Web Scraping

Web scraping or web harvesting is the process that involves collecting information from the internet and converting it into different formats. Essentially, web scraping is performed using some programs that mimic human web surfing to collect specific information from blogs and websites. Recently a number of advanced techniques were developed to simulate human browsing that takes place when we view a web page and collect the desired data. Using them, we can easily process data related to artificial intelligence, DOM parsing, human-computer interaction, natural language processes and computer vision.

The best web scraping tools ever:

1. AutomationAnywhere

Automation Anywhere is a form of robotic process automation (RPA) software. This tool mainly used by large enterprises and helps them extract data on the internet without any problem.

2. UlPath

UlPath makes it easy for web developers and programmers to pull the data from the desired website. Its unique technology allows users to save data in specified formats.

3. Mozenda

This program offers great data extraction options and helps in web testing tasks. The extracted files come in formats such as CSV, Txt, XLS, and others.

4. Fminer

Fminer is mainly used by non-programmers and helps them extract data from multiple websites and blogs at the same time.

5. Visual Web Ripper

This web scraping program is useful because it extracts not only texts but images and video clips.

6. CloudScrape

It scrapes files and organizes data into different categories. This tools comes free of cost and can save your files in Txt and XLS formats.

7. Web Sundew

It is an easy to use program for data extraction the main characteristic features of which are speed and accuracy.

8. Easy Web Extract

It is one of the best and widely used web scraping tools that makes it easy for us to capture content from multiple sites. It organizes the collected data and divides it into different categories based on our requirements and expectations.


It is developed and launched by Corporation. is one of the best and most famous free web scraping programs on the internet. It is perfect for both individuals and businesses and lets the users turn the web pages into APIs with just a few clicks.

10. Handy Web Extractor

It is a useful and free SEO tool used by freelancers, developers and SEO companies all over the world. It helps scrape websites and blogs without any issue, and its key features are search engine harvesters, keyword harvesters, proxy harvesters, comment posters, and link checkers.

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